Boards and Authorities

City Boards, Authorities and their Members



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Aggregate Pension Fund

Board of Appeals / Building Inspector

Board of Health

Board of Revision of Taxes and Appeals

Downtown Development Authority

Enterprise Zone Committee Board

Finance Authority

Fire Civil Service Board

Firemen’s Relief Pension Board Fund

General Municipal Authority

Hawkeye Security Solutions

Housing Authority

Human Relations Commission

Industrial Development Authority

Non-Uniformed Pension Fund Board

Old Paid Firemen’s Pension Fund Board

New Paid Firemen’s Pension Fund Board

Paid Policemen’s Pension Fund Board

Parking Authority

Planning Commission Board

Police Civil Service Commission Board

Policemen’s Relief Pension Fund Board

Redevelopment Authority

Shade Tree Commission Board

Traffic Committee Board

Workman’s Compensation Trust Fund Board

Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority

Zoning Hearing Board

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